PC Club

What was PC Club?

PC Club was a computer retail chain with multiple store locations throughout the United States. It primarily focused on DIY computer professionals. Jackson Lan established PC Club in 1992 with the City of Industry store location.

How big was PC Club?

PC Club won multiple awards from vendors and was within TWICE magazine's Top 100 Consumer Electronics stores list for many years.

During the peak years there were 60 store locations nationwide from California to Pennsylvania.

From TWICE magazine, PC Club's estimated sales in 2003 was $110 million.

What happened to PC Club?

PC Club wasn't quite the same upon the passing of the founder, Jackson Lan, due to cancer. The change in ownership plus slow economic times spiraled PC Club into a condition which it couldn't fully recover.

PC Club closed all its stores on July 29, 2008 when it wasn't able to secure additional funding to keep the company operational.

Jackson Lan started PC Club with funds from selling his house in Taiwan.

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During the company's lifetime, it has won multiple awards and recognitions from the Inc 500 Web Award to being CRW's Top 10 Innovators.

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