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The first PC Club store was the City of Industry location that was opened in 1992. It initially was pretty bare with just the computer products themselves with not even air conditioning. The money saved was applied to the lower price for the computer part. For a Do-It-Yourself computer professional, there were components available for you to build your own computer. Every store has an open tech area which allowed customers to view their computer being repaired. Resellers enjoyed being able to get the parts they need right away without having to wait for it by mail.

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The Year that PC Club first entered the State

PC Club mainly focused on the west coast during the early years. It first went out of state with the Las Vegas location in 1998 and soon after into Arizona with the Mesa location. It expanded into central United States when acquired an Oklahoma based computer chain of four stores in 2001. In that year, PC Club went northward with stores in Oregon and Washington. In the years that followed, PC Club tried to fill in the states in between its western and eastern location. It acquired some stores and staff with the demise of Gateway Country in 2004. The furthest east PC Club went was the state of Pennsylvania with its Pittsburg location.

PC Club Store Locations

From a single store in 1992, PC Club grew all the way up to 60 store locations across 12 states. The dream of Jackson Lan, the PC Club founder, was to have 400 store locations nationwide. This was an extremely ambitious goal especially with the changes in the computer industry. In 2006, PC Club had to close over a third of its store locations to control operation costs. Under new ownership and poor economic environment, the remaining PC Club store locations ceased operation on July 29, 2008.

Store Locations:
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