The Website

The PC Club website was an e-commerce site with support for StoreLink™ store pick up and direct customer delivery. The final version of the site was launched late 2005. It featured a sophisticated shopping cart system whiched allowed for multiple types of promotions. The checkout system supported multiple payment methods including PayPal. It also had an online forum, support database (FAQs, articles, files and links), as well as a real-time system configurator.

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Simplified StoreLink(tm) Process

The StoreLink™ process allowed customers to order items online to pickup at the store. With the StoreLink™ process, the customer can save on shipping charges and have the convenience of having the product ready for them to pick up at their local PC Club location. If the product is not available at the store, it could be sent to them from the distribution center on the next store truck shipment. Once at the store, the customer has to show up to the cashier to finalize their order. This process was so popular that a majority of the orders that went through the website used it.

StoreLink™ is a registered trademark of PC Club.

PC Club Online Forum

PC Club has a great online community. It started in 2001 when an online forum was added to the site. The membership was linked to the user account that was created on the main site. It grew and grew over the years where experienced members help forum newbies. The forum was the source of many web related events from case modification contests to the Folding@Home team. Even after the closure of the site, the community has migrated to another server. Go visit the forum.

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There were many web events that took place.

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