What is this site about?

This site is to inform everyone about the company and people of PC Club. Since the official site is offline, this would be one of the few places to see what the company was about. Instead of having all the efforts from many passionate people being lost forever, this site will attempt to showcase a collection of work done and what was PC Club.

What can we find on this site?

There are links to various articles and resources on PC Club, some information on its stores, and various snapshots of PC Club websites over the course of the company's history.

PC Club was established in 1992 with the City of Industry store location. Find out more about the founder of PC Club and the company's achievements.

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At one point, there was 60 store locations nationwide. Find out more about the PC Club stores and access the online database of the store locations.

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Take a trip to the past and visit various revisions of PC Club web sites over the years. Find out what made PC Club a unique "Click & Brick" e-commerce site.

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